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Welcome to my website about bits and pieces that interest me. It's called 'A few low rumbles' due to the fact that most things I do create these kinds of noises, be it playing bass, blowing things up or generally stomping around. The site will probably not get updated regularly, it may not be interesting but it is my little piece of the internet.


My name is Ell (or Elliot if you really insist) I'm based in Sheffield, UK where I'm trying to complete a PhD in polymer chemistry. I have many interests and tend to keep myself far too busy. There isn't much here now, but I hope to talk about live music & playing live, beer & brewing, travel & the mongol rally and even some science might creep in.



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Sheffield Acoustic Band - Red Hot White

My Mongol Rally 2011 Team

Salvi Moreno - Spanish Rock Artist
















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